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Divorce is not an easy process, and when children are involved, it can become incredibly difficult. Many couples who consider divorce are often hesitant and indecisive about how it will affect their children and how their relationships will change. Oftentimes, divorce can provide a healthier environment for children, especially in cases involving domestic violence.

No matter the case, parents must be responsible for ensuring that their children are properly provided for. Child support is a legal obligation enforced by the state to maintain financial and medical support for a child following the end of a marriage or other domestic relationship.

Tennessee Child Support Basics

Child support is determined by state courts only when child custody has been awarded to the primary residential parent. Once child custody is established, state law requires parents to provide child support until their child turns 18. There are legal regulations and procedures established by the state to determine the amount and terms of child support awards.

Tennessee Child Support Guidelines are issued by the Tennessee Department of Human Services and are based on two main factors; (1) the combined monthly adjusted gross income of the parents and (2) the number of children.

The guidelines for child support are also based on an income shares model. The essential purpose of these guidelines is to support children in the same way as if their parents were living together. The Tennessee Department of Human Services provides an online child support calculator to determine parents' shared support.

There are numerous other factors courts may consider when adjusting child support. The terms of custody, time spent with each parent, visitation rights and any specific needs of the children also play a role in the amount of support a parent will pay.

Grimes, Sensing & Clemons PLLC: Compassionate Legal Assistance

Determining child support can be a confusing process as there are many regulations, procedures and statutes involved. These laws can be incredibly dense because the state and federal government want to ensure that children will receive adequate financial and medical support. Due to the complexity and seriousness of the situation, it is important that you have a clear and well-informed understanding of how child support works.

Our Clarksville child support lawyer can walk you through the entire child support process and can help clarify all legal matters involved. We will also analyze all aspects of your divorce case and personal circumstances to evaluate how child support will impact your situation. This can provide you with a clear understanding of your obligations and greatly reduce your risk of being penalized or even criminally prosecuted for failing to pay.

Most importantly, our firm can make certain that your children will be provided for in a feasible and appropriate manner. Contact the firm to discuss your case or any family law issues you may be experiencing.

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